ART-420 Web Design / Project-3: Adaptive Design (Collaborative Project)

Technology: HTML5 / CSS3 / Dreamweaver CC / Muse CC / AWD
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Project Description:

Design a functional adaptive website for an AIGA local chapter

Project Objective:

The goal of producing the website is to learn about Adobe Muse CC 2014 by directly working in the software and learning its working process. The final goal of the project is to learn the AWD process and create a fictitious AIGA chapter website for a local AIGA club.

Project Requirement of AWD:

  1. Create 9-16 (380 X 570) layouts through master pages for a low resolution viewport
    (smartphone, e.g. iPhone)
  2. Create 9-16 (768 X 1024) layouts through master pages for a medium resolution viewport
    (tablet, e.g. iPad)
  3. Create 9-16 (1920 X 1080) layouts through master pages for a max resolution viewport
    (desktop, e.g. 21.5″ iMac)