ARTS-4338 Interactive Design / Project-5A: Travel Website (Collaborative Project)

Technology: HTML5 / CSS3 / Dreamweaver CC / Responsive Layout
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Project Description:
Design a user interface and create a comprehensive website that acts as a travel guide to holiday destinations worldwide.

Project Concept:

The concept of seven day vacation website should combine a sense of adventure with the sophistication of a cultural experience. The layout of each page should tell the potential target audience that a vacation in these locations or destinations would be worthwhile. The site teases out places and events to familiarize tourists with the real country rather than giving a usual tourists’ view.

Project Requirement:

The website must include a home page (index.html), a navigation system, and sufficient linked web pages to demonstrate how the website appears and its functions.Design should include reasonable elements of detail the audience will need to establish realistic and beneficial interaction. The page layoust must be responsive, and all pages must have linear connections.

Project Work Process:

  • Conduct a market research for the travel industry and case study travel website.
  • Conduct group disgussions, idea generation, and concept developement.
  • Create graphic elements in Photoshop or Illustrator.
  • Code HTML layouts through HTML5, and grid page structures through CSS3.
  • Build slideshows by using Javascript jQuery
  • Validate the HTML documents, CSS rules, and correct the errors.
  • Upload the group project to a personal web space.