ARTS-4338 Interactive Design / Project-1A & 1B: HTML & Page Layout

Project-1A: 10% | Project-1B: 10% | Project-1C: 60% | HTML Quiz: 20%

Project Description:
Creating two basic HTML layouts through valid HTML5 tags and attributes and basic CSS rules

Project Requirement:

  • Establishing a site root for two HTML pages.
  • Formatting the plain text to two HTML layouts in Brackets by using new HTML5 tags, traditional HTML tags and attributes.
  • Creating gif banners and other graphic elements in Adobe Illustrator CC, and save for web.
  • Linking two HTML pages with each other.
  • Validating the HTML documents and correct the errors.
  • Completing two HTML pages in one week.

Technical Specification

  • Technology: HTML5 & CSS