Art-190 : Proficiency Review
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Thursday, 5:30 p.m. – 7:20 p.m. – OP2250

Date Activity
Aug 22 First class meeting. Introduction to course and discussion regarding Proficiency Exhibition
Sept 5 Mat Cutting Training Session in OP-2250 (& Drawing Studio if needed)
Sept 12 Mat Cutting Work Day in OP-2250 (& Drawing Studio if needed)
Sept 19 Mat Cutting Work Day in OP-2250 (& Drawing Studio if needed)
Sept 22 Sunday, 2:00PM, Hang Proficiency Exhibitions in Art Wing of Ophelia Parrish
Sept 23 Art Faculty Review of Proficiency Exhibitions
Sept 24 Results of Review Shared with Art Faculty
Sept 25 Starting at 6:00 PM, students will meet with  Art Faculty Committees as scheduled to hear the results of their Proficiency Exhibition
Sept 26 If a student(s) fails to pass the Proficiency Exhibition, they are to contact the Course Instructor to discuss what they must do for the Re-submission of their Exhibition
Sept 27 Exhibition artwork to be removed from hallways and sculpture pedestals are to be returned to designated area
Drop off your eligible works to OP1115 for the Exhibition of Strong Foundation
Oct 6 Sunday, hang re-submission of Exhibition for Review
Oct 7 Art Faculty Review of re-submitted Exhibitions
Oct 8 Results of review of re-submitted Exhibitions shared with student(s)
Oct 15 If any student fails to pass the re-submitted Exhibition Review, they will be assigned to an Art Faculty Committee for further review and recommendation

• Please keep in mind that this projected schedule may be altered (if necessary) to  accommodate the Art Department Schedule

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