ART-4338 Web Design / Project-2: Dreamweaver Workbook

Technology: HTML5 / CSS3 / Dreamweaver CC / Responsive Layout
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Project Objective:

The goal of producing the web site is to learn about Adobe Dreamweaver CC and other related applications by directly working in the software and learning its working process. The final goal of the project is to create a resource reference for the tools, functionality and design potential for creating web pages with strong aesthetic design and functional values.

Project Requirement:

  1. Create a splash page “index.html” and an Edge Animate composition, and insert the composition into the page.
  2. Create an Edge Animate composition for the header banner of home page.
  3. Create a main navigation system, and CSS3 gradient buttons with shadows.
  4. Create an animated gif in Photoshop, and a svg element in Illustrator for one of the image pages.
  5. Create other graphic elements in Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, and Fireworks.
  6. Create a sub-nav drop-down menu bar and a jump menu in Dreamweaver CC.
  7. Create a home page, six body pages, and a series of sub-pages through Dreamweaver CC with HTML5 and CSS3 for the project.
  8. Insert an Edge Animate composition and an HTML5 Video in Dreamweaver.
  9. Create a total of twenty-eight pages for the entire website.