Art-425 : Senior Seminar
:::: Fall 2013 Calendar ::::

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Date Activity Room
Aug 28 Discussion of Requirements / Syllabus MG 2001
Sept 4 Register for Senior Test (PRAXIS)
Nancy Asher –
Coordinator of Testing & Reporting

MG 2001
Sept 11 University Portfolio – Portfolio Office –
MG 2001
Sept 16 * Preparing The Post-graduation Experience
– Career Center –
MG 2001
Sept 18 Introducing Collaborative Project
Group-Organizational Work Day w/NMS students
MG 2001
Sept 25 Collaborative Project Work Day w/NMS students  
Oct 2 Senior Presentations MG 2001
BA-Art: (Emily A., Alexandra A., Anna C., Emily B.)  
Oct 7 Preparing Studio Major and Career
– Prof. John Bohac –
Preparing Art History Major and Career
– Dr. Sara Orel –
MG 2001
Oct 14 Preparing VisCom Major and Career
– Prof. Russell Nelson –
MG 2001
Oct 16 Senior Presentations MG 2001
BA-Art : (Emma R., Neil S., Shelby S.)
Oct 23 Senior Presentations MG 2001
Studio : (Kyle P., Daniel R., Melanie P., Ian R.)
Oct 30 Group Project Work Day w/NMS
Senior Presentations
MG 2001 
VisComm : (Rebecca D., Meghan D., Sarah D., Shawnah O. : Studio)
Nov 2 ** Sat
Senior Test (Paper-based)
VH 1000
Nov 11 * Group Project Ends/Peer Evaluation Due
(group facilitators submit the memo via email)
Senior Presentations
MG 2001
VisComm : (Rachel F., Zhaoli G., Andrea H., Elizabeth W.)
Nov 13 Senior Presentations MG 2001
BA-Art : (Emily K., Sara C. | Kayla T., Shannon S.: VC)
Nov 18 Résumé Workshop / Résumé Project Begins
Résumé Draft Due
Senior Presentations
MG 2001 
VisComm : (Amanda A., Rebecca B., Alison A., Emily V.: BA)
Nov 20 Senior Presentations
MG 2001
VisComm : (Ellen H., Audra J., Katherine K., Lexi S., Tim C.)
Dec 4 Senior Presentations
Résumé Due
MG 2001
VisComm : (Aerin M., Lauren P., Diane P., Alexandra W.)
Dec 10 ***
Make-up Day for Senior Presentation MG 2001

• The schedule and related activities may be subject to change
Note: September 16, November 11 / 18, and Dec 2 are Mondays.
All other regular class periods are on Wednesday.
** Note: November 2 (Saturday) will be the examination day of Senior Test.
*** This is our Final Exam Time. It is a Tuesday and is scheduled for 3:30-5:20 PM.
We will meet at this time only if we need to make up presentations.

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