A-211 Project-4: Book Transformation

Posted by: Ping

Scrolled Book Sculpture
Artist: Ann Martin

Project Description
Transform a used hard cover book into a new book sculpture

Project Brief: http://pxstudio.us/pdf/p4_book-transformation_sp13.pdf

Project Objectives:
• To explore the original book’s form, construction method, and materials
• To consider the book’s literal content as a resource
• To create a dramatically new form with a minimum of new materials

Project Inspiration:

More inspirations:Guy Laramee

Artist: Guy Laramee


Key Words:
• Book Transformation
• Book Sculpture
• Book Carving
• Book Art
• Paper Art
• 3D Origami
• Sculptures Made From Books

Project Due Day: April 3, 2013 (March 18 – April 3 / 2 Weeks)


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