A-211 Project-3: Geometric Form

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Project-3: Composing Sculpture with Geometric Forms | Project Brief PDF

Previous Student Works: Kelly Cunningham | Hannah Copeland | Alexandra Williamson

Project Inspiration:

Project Purpose:
The purpose of this assignment is to introduce students to the basic building blocks of geometric sculpture using the cube, prism, cylinder, cone, pyramid and other polygons as the basis for a free-standing additive form.

Design Principles

  1. Unit Form and Repetition
  2. Symmetry and Asymmetry
  3. Contrast and Harmony
  4. Proportion and Scale
  5. Positive and Negative
  6. Rhythm and Cadence
  7. Variation and Unity
  8. Direction and Rotation
  9. Division and Deformation

Project Requirement:
A. Composition is in-the-round
B. A model is made prior to construction
C. Aesthetic effects of the space (dynamic views in multiple perspectives)
D. Reflection of design principles

Project Material (choose one of the following):
• Paper or Foam Core
• Balsa or Bass Wood
• Misc. Materials
• Metal / Clay / Plaster

Project Calender:
2/18:  Project begins (Homework: Research/Material  Finding)
2/20:  Idea finding from inspirations and sketches (Homework: Research)
2/22:  Idea finding from inspirations, sketches, and materials (Homework: Pre-model)
2/25:  Pre-model dues and construction begins
2/27:  Construction
3/1:    Construction
3/4:    Construction
3/6:    Project due and presentation
3/8:    Critique and rating

Project Due Day: March 6, 2013
Project Critique Day: March 8, 2013

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