A-421 Demo: Problem Solving

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When you are creating a solution for print or other media, you are solving problems.
When you are feeding your creativity, you may try one or more from the following:

  • Finding things
  • Combining things
  • Rearranging things
  • Mixing things
  • Replacing things

Start with brainstorming and finding inspirations from others, you may make your ideas. Keep in mind, you cannot simply copy other people’s composition, but learn its methodologies.

“The key to coming up with a great ad is finding that one clear, concise, engaging idea. This holds true for all advertising mediums: print, radio, TV, outdoor, etc.,”

– Eric Sliver, Executive Creative Director, BBDO Worldwide

The main points to remember when generating ideas:

  • Get and keep attention
  • Be clear
  • Be fresh
  • Be logical
  • Be ethical
  • Be relevant
  • Be appropriate
  • Serve as a call to action

“The question for every art director is not so much whether you can draw better or design better or even arrange elements better, but can your art persuade better? No other kind of art requires this cause-and-effect connection.”
– John Lyons

Using the product as the main visual usually puts the potential consumer on alert.
Several things immediately announce to the viewer that he or she is looking at is a print ad:

  • The product as the main visual element
  • The brand/logo
  • A formulaic layout utilized by many others

Case Study:
Got Milk?Ad Campaign
Absolut VodkaAd Campaign


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