A-421 Inspiration:
10 Principles of Effective Advertising

Posted by: Ping

Design is what powers advertising, and it is becoming more and more crucial for a company to have an effective advertising campaign. The purpose of an ad campaign is to bring in new clients, buyers, users, and customers. That can be hard, especially today when people are going to be more careful with what they are buying. That is why it is important for an ad to be effective. Here are 10 principles of what an effective ad consists of. Keep in mind that there are many different types of advertisements, and not all of these tips apply to every ad.

  1. Grab People
  2. Be Clever and Creative
  3. Speak Loudly
  4. Don’t Make Them Think (Too Much)
  5. Colors That Pop But Make Sense
  6. Be Informative
  7. Stand Out and Be Memorable
  8. Give Off a Feeling
  9. Show Not Tell
  10. Use Humor: Use a Metaphor


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