A-421 VisCom IV / Project-2F:
Advertising Design (Final Project)

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Project Description: Design an Advertising poster (or campaign) for MonaVie products
Project Objective:
1. Understand advertising design and its process
2. Create a goal-oriented project for Student ADDY annual competition
Project Size: 13 in X 19 in
Project Dateline: December 11, 2012 (Final Examination Day)
Critique & Presentation: 1:30 p.m. ~ 1:20 p.m., December 11, 2012

I: Definition:

Advertising differentiates brands and causes, ultimately sells brands, and calls people to action. An advertisement is a specific message constructed to inform, persuade, promote, or motivate people on behalf of a brand or social cause. An ad campaign is a series of coordinated ads, in one or more media, that are based on a single overarching strategy
or theme.

Advertising Design refers to the creation and organization of visual artwork used in advertisements for products and services.

Advertising Designer works with an agency, group, firm or organization to produce effective campaigns for ads. They work closely with clients and companies to convey a message using type, photography, illustration and color. An advertising designer may choose to work within several media, such as in print or Web. They research trends to see what works for customers. Ad designers must have a keen eye for details and a creative mind. They are required to adhere to strict deadlines and may be required work irregular hours.

Target Audience:
All information about the audience is very critical to designers because designer needs to know precisely who they are designing for. Please download the MonaVie product description file about the entire product portfolio, target audience by each product, and the product’s key benefits for your information: Excel | HTML


II: Idea Generation Process

Advertising ideas can come from insights into human behavior. In fact, some of the best ad ideas are based on truths about human behavior. When an idea is in accord with reality – true to what’s happening out there – then it is more believable and sellable. In addition, good ideas are in touch with the spirit of the age; they reflect there zeitgeist or energy of the time.The visual style of the ads, the tone of the copy, and the actual ad message all speak to people in a contemporary way. How you speak to an audience depends upon the audience.

• Treat audience with respect
• Be agitated
• Be truthful
• Be responsible

• Don’t use racial, ethnic, gender, age, or religious negative stereotyping
• Don’t promote dangerous substances to minors
• Don’t degrade or talk down to anyone
• Don’t lie or cover up

Points of Departure – Pick up one or make a combination of several points as the entry point of your Big Idea

  • Visual Analogy: A comparison based on similarities or parallel qualities
  • Visual Metaphor: When you use one thing to identify another, that is metaphor
  • Life Experience
  • Problem and Solution
  • Comparison
  • Exaggeration
  • Just the Facts
  • Find Humor
  • Point of View
  • Guerrilla Advertising

Case Study:
Got Milk?Ad Campaign
Absolut VodkaAd Campaign
Absolut@ Official Site: http://www.absolut.com/
Official Site: http://www.monavie.com/

III: Tagline Concepts


  • A more meaningful life.
  • Drink it. Feel it. Share it.
  • Pure Goodness, Pure MonaVie

Juice Family: Products with purpose

  • MonaVie Active@ (Green):
    • Get Your Body Moving
    • Get Moving with MonaVie Active Gel
  • MonaVie (M)Mun@ (Yellow):
    • Safeguard Your Health
  • Other juice
    • Products With Purpose
    • The Premier Acai Blend
    • Get A View of Your Health
    • Scientifically Formulated, Premium Quality

Weight Management:

  • Turn Up Your Burn
  • Reveal Your Best Self (with MonaVie)
  • Shake Up Your Eating Habits

Energy Drink: (Black & Blue can)

  • Pure, Natural Energy
  • Energizing Goodness in Every Can

Keep in mind, your poster should deliver the theme or message to target audience precisely, clearly, and directly. In other words, your target audience is able to understand that the poster is talking about a healthy food from a special drinking company, MonaVie, not Coca, Delight, or other brand or industry.

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