Attention to all lab monitors

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Attention to every monitor

1. Please check the toner cartridges of HP LaserJet 5100 and HP Color LaserJet 4700, and replace the toner/cartridge immediately if the toner is lower. If you don’t know how to change the toner or cartridge, please let me know, I will show you how to replace it.

2. Please take the empty toner/ink cartridge to the recycle box of art office when the cartridge is used. If the art office is closed, please put the used cartridge back to its original package, then drop the package box outside of my office.

3. Please check and keep enough paper in the printer drawers.

4. The first monitor of the day, please dust the table tops first.

Attention to every print monitor

1. Every first print monitor of the day, please don’t forget to clean the nozzles for HP Designjet 130 and Epson 4880 everyday. If you just print some pieces on the Epson 7900, you need to clean the nozzle for the printer right after finishing the job.

2. Please do NOT scale down the print size when you print student’s works. Students can ask to reprint the job if the printed work is smaller than their original size. And also, please set up the paper size correctly.

3. Please check the ink for both HP 130 and Epson 4880 and replace the ink when needed.

4. Please keep the print receipt when it reaches 0 (means “full”), and then turn in all “full” receipts to Prof. Nelson. If it is left to the students, the department chair office can’t get to students on time. From the management point of view, the purpose of doing this is to calculate how much money has been generated each semester.

5. The last working shift taker, please remember to take the following steps before leaving:
• Empty the small trash cans inside the print monitor room to the large trash can which is located at the illustration room everyday.
• Must turn off both HP 130 printer and Epson 4880 printer.

I will also keep checking the execution of all above-mentioned principles.
Let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks for all of your cooperation and consideration.

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