ARTS-3333 Project -1A: Online presentation & peer critique / rating

Posted by: Ping

Hello class:

The project due day for the Project-1A Business card design is this coming Tuesday. Everyone needs to turn in both project folder (which contains pdf file and jpg file) and printed 13X19 layout.

About the peer critique and peer rating for the Project, please do not add your work into the project pool unless I let you do. I need to check everyone’s layout at the beginning of this Tuesday, then I will let you to add the project image into the pool. Please complete your peer critique and peer rating before 11:30pm on Feb. 21. You can get it done after everyone’s work to be available (after Tuesday’s class) in the group pool.

If you have any questions about the project, please check the project brief carefully, or email me to ask.

Have a blessed Sunday!

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