Alcohol Policy for both China Trip & Taiwan Trip | Summer 2017

Posted by: Ping

Dear students:

Our trips to Chinese mainland and Taiwan are approaching. This is a reminder to the alcohol policy. Any forms of alcohol during either Chine trip or Taiwan trip is NOT permitted. Although we have already talked about the policy in the previous post at, we would like to emphasis it again.

Alcohol Policy

  1. Drinking of any form of alcohol is NOT permitted during program time or while on flight, train, and bus;
  2. Drinking of any form of alcohol is NOT permitted in any hotel/international student dorm bedrooms;
  3. Purchase of any form of alcohol for later use outside the designated place is NOT permitted;
  4. It is forbidden to buy or to be in possession of bottles or multiple cans of alcoholic drinks of any kind from supermarkets, grocery stores, kiosks, duty free, or anywhere else.
  5. Without faculty’s permission, group outings to restaurants and bars is NOT permitted.
  6. Without faculty’s permission, drinking of any form of alcohol in any restaurant is NOT permitted.
  7. Underage drinking is not allowed under any circumstances. If there is a banquet treatment arranged by one of the UTRGV’s sister schools, students who age 21 year and above could drink a small bottle of beer under faculty’s accompany.

Thank you for your cooperation, and have a wonderful trips in China and Taiwan!

Team Leaders of Faculty-led China Trip & Taiwan Trip – Summer 2017
Prof. Ping Xu & Prof. Robert Gilbert

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