How to Register Your Trip on International SOS for your China Trip & Taiwan Trip | Summer 2017

Posted by: Ping

Dear study abroad students:

Per UTRGV IPP Office request, you will need to register your trip, both China and Taiwan, on International SOS website at

The PDF file below is a good guidance to assist you to complete the registration. to Register Your Trip on INTL SOS 2017.pdf

Please also download and check the PDF file for travel assistant program at

Students who join the Taiwan trip, after joining our crash course on April 21, you are also required to complete the registration and print confirmation page and give it to our study abroad specialist Gaspar Garcia and/or Lizette Leal after our crash course on April 21. If you are unable to do this then please email a screenshot to,, and cc to me.

Thank you for your cooperation,
Ping Xu

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