Pro Bono Work 2015/2016 – 10 : Poster Design for UTRGV Visiting Artist | Spring 2016

Posted by: Ping

The Art of James Cobb
A Festiba Lecture by James Cobb
Edinburg Campus / Visual Arts Building / Annex 1.125
12:00 p.m. – 1:30 p.m., March 3, 2016


Illustration by James Cobb
Graphic design by Ping Xu

James Cobb began his real interest in visual art making flyers and posters for the bands he was drummer in during High School. He continued to casually make images during the decade following High School, but had no real interest in “art” until his wife-to-be, Rhoda Mappo, introduced him to “Mail-Art” in the late 70s. She was very active in that scene and had been for some years. Cobb was inspired by the global underground network and for the following five years or so devoted all his free time to corresponding, creating images, networking, and visiting many of the artists worldwide that were part of what they all considered to be a “movement”. Cobb participated under the names Nunzio Mifune, the Six-Fingers Club, created many music tapes such as Six Fing Thing and put out an obscure, convoluted Xerox machine, the Mambo Press Update. Eventually he developed a sophisticated spray-paint stencil style for the use in creating multiples for small global distribution to like-minded folks.

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