Payment Schedule About Summer Study Abroad Trip to China – 2015

Posted by: Ping

Dear students:

The third payment of study abroad fee is due by March 10th. You can make your payment online through your Truview account in the Student Account Suite, with the “Future Due” option for May Interim 2015, mail a check, or make payment at the cashier window. Below is the list of payments and due dates for the trip.

If you are planning on applying for a Cultural Loan, please contact Stacey Dromey via You can apply for this loan by contacting Financial Aid at 660-785-4130. Also, you will need to complete the Student Registration Agreement for May Interim 2015 to be enrolled in the program. Please let me know if you have any questions!

  • Deposit         $500      1/30/15
  • Payment-2    $1779    2/10/15
  • Payment-3    $1778    3/10/15
  • Payment-4    $1778    4/10/15

Students pay their payments direct to the Business Office window (not to me nor to Prof. Minn). You need to catch up with the payments, if you decide to join us. You will receive an email from the student account of the business office after we send your name to them. Please stop by Prof. Minn’s office (MC319), 3:30-6:00 p.m. (M.-F.) if you have any questions.

Prof. Julie Minn’s Email:

Ping Xu

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