VPN & WeChat

Posted by: Ping

Because China blocks Facebook and Twitter, you may need an application for visiting some websites in China. Here is the link:


You have to use your Truman id to log in, and then you download a program called Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client. Once you install it, you just run it and enter your Truman id and password. Wait about a minute, and you should have completely uncensored internet! I hope that helps.

Besides Skype or Gmail video chat, there is another source to keep contact with your family and friends in the States and China if you and your contacts use the same application.

The application is named as WeChat. For iPhone user, please just search Wechat and download it from App store. For computer user, you may try to visit this link http://www.wechat.com/en/ and follow the download steps based on its instruction. In any area with free Wifi, you could use this app to contact your family and friends.

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