The new large format printing – work order form | Spring 2014

Posted by: Ping

Attention to students and print monitors,

Due to a new HP T120 printer added, we have updated the large format printing order form for students who are going to order a large format inkjet printing. You are informed about the updated information below.

  • Color printing to the Large Format Inkjet Printers is only done with .pdf documents.
  • Printing to sheet-fed printers, paper size must match document size. Incorrect sized documents will not be printed.
  • Turn in the new work order, revenue account receipt (online or cashier), a sheet(s) of paper and your .pdf document to the Print Monitor Server – Do not copy folders to the server. PDF’s in folders will not be printed.
  • Do not forget to sign-up on the print chart outside OP1222.
  • Only EPSON Inkjet papers are printed on the 4880 large-format printer.
    The HPT120 printer is used for printing plain (non-EPSON) stock.
  • Do not buy Lithography Glossy stock from Printing Services. Submit only the paper sizes listed in the order form.
  • The EPSON 7900 is loaded with EPSON Luster Paper-standard.
  • Transparency base is available upon request.

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