Published Work @ The Volume-VII of “International Contemporary Artists” Book | November 6, 2013

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Publisher: Eve Lemonidou / ICA Publishing; 1st Edition (November 6, 2013)

  • ISBN-10: 6188000734
  • ISBN-13: 978-6188000735

Accepted Works

Study Abroad – 2013 Poster : 13″ X 19″ – Adobe Illustrator CS6
Cross Connections 2012 – Exhibition Poster : 15″ X 22″ – Adobe Illustrator CS6
Cross Connections 2010 – Exhibition Poster : 13″ X 17.5″ – Adobe Illustrator CS5
Cross Connections 2009 – Exhibition Poster : 13″ X 19″ – Adobe Illustrator CS4

“International Contemporary Artists” is a series of art books aiming to connect artists and the art world in a direct and effective way. Artists are invited to submit their work for selection in order to be included in the book. The selection is carefully made by a team of qualified jurors so as to ensure quality standards.

I.C.A Publishing accepted submissions for the seventh volume of “International Contemporary Artists” art book, a book that promotes and supports the artists and connects them directly with potential buyers, galleries, art consultants, etc, in an international level.

The “International Contemporary Artists” Volume-VII book was published in November 6, 2013

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