Art-201 Project-8: Mini Website

Posted by: Ping

Project Description: Creating two HTML web pages in Dreamweaver CS6

Project Requirements

  1. The mini site must include a home page (index), a navigation system (with 5 buttons), and two linked pages
  2. Use required HTML5 tags and attributes
  3. Use HTML5 audio or video (optional)
  4. Place the html documents and dependent graphic files into the root folder
  5. Validate the HTML5 documents and dependent CSS file

HTML Exercise:
HTML Definition:
HTML5 Introduction:
HTML Deprecated Tags & Attributes:
Dreamweaver Outline:

Student Works:

Date Range: November 21 – December 10 (two weeks)
Date of Presentation: December 10 (11:30 – 1:20) Final Exam Day

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