2013 International Juried Exhibition of Art Work of Professors & Students of Visual Communication, Korea

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The 10th International Jury Exhibition
of Professors & Students of Visual Communication, Korea

Instructor: Ping Xu
Published Exhibition Book in Korea

Main Exhibition
November 4 – 8, 2013
SangMyung Gallery
College of Design, Sang Myung University, Korea

  • Hosted by : SangMyung University
  • Organizer : Dept. of Visual Comm Design, College of Design, SangMyung University
  • Sponsor by : Korean Society of Typography, Brand Design Association of Korea, Korean Society of Basic Design & Art, ANBD, Designhouse Inc.
  • Opening Reception : 14:00 p.m., November 5, 2013, SangMyung Gallery

All above faculty and student works were accepted into the exhibition, and published in the exhibition book. Every entrant will receive the exhibition book by Dec. 22, 2013.

Entrant Project Title
Ping Xu Cross Connections 2012 – Exhibition Poster Faculty Entry
Ping Xu Cross Connections 2010 – Exhibition Poster Faculty Entry
Ping Xu Study Abroad 2014 – Recruiting Poster Faculty Entry
Ping Xu Study Abroad 2013 – Recruiting Poster Faculty Entry
Sara Rudder Who’s Buying What? – Information Design Student Entry
Linh Dao Employment by Design Occupations – Information Design Student Entry
Reina Koyano Event Poster of The 14th Shanghai Int’l Film Festival Student Entry
Rachel Finney Illustrated Numbers – Digital Illustration Student Entry
Shelby Maggart VI Design of MonaVie Brand & Sales Promotion Student Entry
Zhaoli Ge A Bite of China – Book Cover Design Student Entry
Kathryn Sutton Road Dahl Book Covers – Digital Illustration Student Entry
Corey Felter
MonaVie Logo Specs – Identity Design Student Entry


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