ARTS-3331 : Visual Communications Project-3 : Holiday Card Design Student Work | Fall 2015

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Project-3: Holiday Card – Student Work Ricardo Guzman Marcos Rios The List of Entrants in President’s Holiday Card Contest – 2015 (ARTS-3331 / Fall 2015) Aaron Cantu Belinda Gonzalez Jackie Maldonado Megan Gonzalez Alejandra Alfaro Blanca Villareal Jennifer Guajardo Nailea Vasquez Alexandra Gonzaez Brittany Castillo Jessica Rivera Ricardo Guzman Alondra Andrade Daniel Ymbong Jesus Rodriguez […]

Pro Bono Work 2015/2016 – 2 & 3 : Poster Designs for Visiting Artists | Fall 2015

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Title: Headed South – Lecture Poster / Original Size: 13″ X 19″ Sculpture: Dewane Hughes Graphic Design: Ping Xu Title: Artificial Nature & The Mysterious Figure in the Lansdscape – Lecture Poster Original Size: 11″ X 17″ Original Photographs: Susi Brister Graphic Design: Ping Xu Image Manipulation / Image Design: Ping Xu Photograph: Susi Brister […]

American Advertising Awards 2016 – Call For Entries Mixer

Posted by: Ping Dear graphic design students: I just want to make sure that you know you are invited to the Call for Entries Mixer this evening. The local ADDY club will demonstrate the entry website, new categories and entry procedures, and will help you sign up! Plus there will be good food and beverages. […]