Student Works of Internship Program @ TBWA\Worldwide | 2011 & 2013

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Designed and Illustrated by: Reina Koyano | New Generation Special Award of The 10th International Exhibition of Visual Communication Design 2013 The above student works were created by Truman State University students when they joined the 2011 and 2013 internship program at TBWA\Worldwide Shanghai branch.

JBA-Drawing : Cast Drawing

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Cast drawing is the practice of drawing from plaster casts of classical sculptures. It follows the process of making master copies, and thus literally adds another dimension to the student’s awareness and abilities. Where the two-dimensional master copy allows a student to closely examine the execution of a two-dimensional work, cast drawing allows the student […]

JBA-Drawing : Still Life

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          Previous student works: Rachel Ross | Jamie Lewallen Still life objects are very good subject matter to begin with when learning to draw. You have complete control over the arrangement and lighting of your items since still life articles are usually drawn indoor. The Set-up You may want to draw […]

JBA-Drawing : Perspective

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Key Concept: Horizon | Vanishing Point | Eye Level The horizon (or skyline) is the apparent line that separates earth from sky. The horizon is shown by a straight line across your drawing. Eye Level: The eye level is level with the eye. Vanishing Point: In Linear Perspective drawing, the point(s) on the horizon line […]

JBA Drawing – Summer 2013
From Eye to Paper:
Drawing What You See

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From Eye to Paper: Drawing What You See The Joseph Baldwin Academy – Session II (July 6 – 27, 2013) Drawing is the fundamental forming skill for the budding artist and is an important first step in the process of painting and other artistic endeavors. Regardless of what kind of art you enjoy, or what […]

Study Abroad – China / 2013

Posted by: Ping Beijing | Xi’an | Shanghai | Suzhou | Hangzhou | Taipei | Changhua All photo credits (except the final six photos in the bottom row): Ping Xu