Art-341 Project-4 : Typographic Evolution – Classifications in Motion Selected Student Work | Fall 2014

Posted by: Ping Technical Specification: Technology: After Effects CC 2014 Duration: 99 seconds approximately Resolution: 1280 X 720 (16:9 aspect ratio) Frame Rate: 29.97 FPS Video Output: MP4 / QuickTime Video Codec: H.264 Audio Output: 48 kHz / 16 Bit / Stereo Audio Codec: MP4 AAC-ELD Project Description: Create a series of two animations that work together […]

Review Questions about Rendering Art-341: Motion Graphics / Fall 2014

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Rendering is the creation of the frames of a movie from a composition. The rendering of a movie is the frame-by-frame rendering of each of the frames that make up the movie. In the Render Queue panel, you can manage several render items at once, each with its own render settings and output module settings. […]

Review Questions about FPS & Codecs | Art-341 / Fall 2014

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Choosing a correct frame rate Movies on film are almost exclusively projected at 24 fps. Television, however, does not have an internationally accepted frame rate. In Europe and many other countries, PAL uses 25 fps, whereas NTSC video in North America and Japan uses 29.97 fps. 29.97 fps has been the NTSC standard of high […]

Art-341 Project-3 : Animated Logo Selected Student Work | Fall 2014

Posted by: Ping Flickr Collection Project Description: Creating one animated logo for a brand in Adobe After Effects Creating one animated logo for a company or an organization in Adobe After Effects Project Objective: Establishing the identities using your graphic design skills enhanced by the ability to animate and apply special effects over time with an audio […]

Easily find missing footage, fonts and effects in After Effects CC | Art-341

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As you know this Thursday will be the due day of your logo project. You need due your mp4 movies and original After Effects file. Before you submit your project, please double check the followings: Put your project file together with the source folder (the source folder contains ai files,  psd files, font files, mov […]